Our Mission

To help the world see your vision.

As a three-tier music and marketing company, we aim to foster your creative potential. Together with you and our team of devoted professionals, we pledge to work with your goals in mind. 

Our opportunities include: 

  • School of Music: We are not your Typical Music School.  We embrace those who have the potential to progress toward the next level of excellence in their musical performance and/or instrumentation dreams.

  • Music Productions: We work with artists to record, produce, and release music in our full professional recording studio, headed by Lannie Battistini, a GRAMMY® Award Winner participant, a LATIN GRAMMY® Award Nominated participant, and a LATIN GRAMMY® Award Winner as Producer

  • Publicity and Marketing: Our Marketing department addresses your media needs such as brand development, social media management, press coverage, web design, and more. Check out our website packages and marketing portfolio for more insight.

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