You're already a star. . .

We're your one-stop-shop to jumpstart your music career. 

We want to make this as easy as possible for you to set you up for success. Our team of music and marketing professionals are passionate about helping aspiring artists like yourself. Launching a music career is a daunting journey, but it's our mission to help the world see your vision. See our foundational package below or call 813-573-8290 to learn more about what services work for you. Or click here to drop us a message.

Foundational Package

This is our most common purchase for aspiring artists. 

Depending on your goals and budget*, your package may include the following:

Record Your Music. . .

. . .Then. . .

. . . Launch Your Career!

  *Financing available!  

  • Songwriting 

  • Arranging, mixing, & mastering

  • Recording, producing, & editing your new single, EP or LP 

  • EPs include: 4 songs, up to 5 programmed instruments per song, Mixing & Mastering, 2 FREE hours of Music industry consultation

  • LPs Include: 8 songs, up to 5 programmed instruments per song, Mixing & Mastering, 3 FREE hours of Music industry consultation. 1 FREE hour of artist image consultation

  • Our full-service Recording studio is waiting for you!

  • Registering your songs, so you can start receiving royalties!

  • ISRC codes, barcodes, metadata, etc.

  • Copyrights & Music Licensing

  • Worldwide Digital Distribution

  • CD Package Design & Manufacturing

  • Developing and establishing your unique brand as an artist

  • Artistic Photo Shoot

  • Your music video!

  • MORE!

  • A professional website that represents you and your music

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Graphic Design Services

  • Publicity campaigns & marketing plans

  • Promo Photoshoots

  • Electronic Press Kits, Postcards, Banners, & More

  • Celebrate your success with a CD Release Party & Concert!

 Allow us to build you a custom package!  

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