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Join date: Nov 9, 2018


Hey there, HIMM family!

My name is Elena, and I've been with Hands In Motion for about a year now. I'm that redhead you sometimes see on HIMM's Facebook page or in the back on the computer when you come in for your lessons. Redheaded and focused. That's me.

I started as an intern and then began as a Marketing Coordinator alongside my ever-busy but ever-graceful boss, Neysa. You can find me in our Marketing department, creating graphics, designing websites, developing brands, posting on social media, and more (lots more, actually. There is never not something to get done.). I'll probably be listening to Rock 'n Roll playlists on Spotify while testing different fonts and colors for whatever task I have in front of me.

Or I'll be writing a post for our shiny new blog! Isn't it pretty? Hold your "oooohs" and "ahhhhs" for the comments section, please.

If you have questions about HIMM, need gluten-free recipe recommendations, or would like to suggest future topics, feel free to email me here elena@handsinmotionmusic.com.

Over 'n out.

For now.